Wayne Dewitt hopes for another go as sheriff

Wayne Dewitt has been the sheriff of Berkeley County since 1995.
Wayne Dewitt has been the sheriff of Berkeley County since 1995.

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C.–As the clock ticks down to the time folks in Berkeley County head to the polls, Wayne Dewitt is hoping they’ll once again vote him in as sheriff. It’s a position he’s held since 1995 having first started his career in law enforcement more than thirty years ago with the Holly Hill Police Department.

He recently appeared on The Bryan Crabtree Show to discuss crime in Berkeley County as well as several of other crime-related issues.

With more people moving to the county, automatically one might assume crime is bound to increase, but Dewitt says not necessarily.

“Berkeley County is the fastest growing in the state of South Carolina, so we are having a population boom to a certain extent,” said Dewitt on the show. “A lot of people say more people more crime. Actually, our statistics show that in 2013, especially in violent crimes, it had dropped somewhat compared to 2012. I’m sure as the population increases, and if the economy doesn’t make a big swing upwards, then we’re probably going to have some more problems.”

However, Dewitt says his department is ready to use all the resources it has to combat any problems.

“We have a good local relationship with all the police chiefs and Sheriff Cannon, Sheriff Knight. If we have to tap into their resources, we’ll do that as well,” said Dewitt.

When it comes to copper thefts throughout the county, he says it’s still a problem.

“It’s dropped somewhat. Not to the level that we’d like to have it. We’ve not seen an increase in the last year. It’s kind of leveled off, maybe not as bad as it was in 2012/2011,” added Dewitt.

After the body of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was recently found inside his New York apartment, allegedly dead from a heroin overdose, the question has now been raised as to whether heroin is becoming the new drug of choice.

According to Dewitt, the drug is no stranger to Berkeley County.

“I think we’re seeing an upswing with the problem of heroin, and from what I’ve learned from DEA officials and other drug enforcement units, a lot of it is actually coming from Mexico. We have a fairly large and growing Hispanic population in our area now,” stated Dewitt.

Dewitt says “Black Tar Heroin” is the drug more commonly found locally.

“I know we’ve had problems in Hanahan. Three or four years ago we busted a large group of Hispanics that were bringing the “Black Tar Heroin” into our county and to Charleston and actually seized a house in Hanahan. We were able to sell that house,” said Dewitt.

On the topic of marijuana, Dewitt says even though several states have already made it legal to use, he believes it’s a bad idea.

“I’m not in favor of legalizing marijuana. I have a son who began with marijuana and ended up doing some hard drugs –so people don’t have to tell me the harm that drugs do to a family. I know firsthand,” said Dewitt. “I just think when you legalize it, it’s going to get the young people started on that then lord knows where it’s going to end up. I could never favor legalizing marijuana. If a law is passed that legalizes marijuana for medical purposes, for health issues –we’ll enforce the law as it’s written.”

Dewitt faces Brian Adams in the race for sheriff.  Voters will head to the polls on June 10th.

 crabtree2The Bryan Crabtree Show airs from  8-10 a.m. on WQSC 1340 and 950 AM.  You can visit the show’s website by clicking here.  You can also catch Rocky D on the same airwaves from 3-6 p.m.


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  • william robert

    I think it’s time for Wayne Dewitt to retire. We have a brand new jail that is still not able to open he second and thrid floor 5yrs later.

  • Anti Masonic Party

    I support Brian Adams. I hope that the Berkeley County voters also recognize that it is time that Sheriff DeWitt turn in his badge. Secret Society members (masons, eastern stars, etc…), who swear vows of concealment, and pledge preferential allegiances to those within their secret society, behind closed doors, which are unknown to voters, have no place in government. It is time that our elected officials live as transparently as us cattle they govern.

  • Jay Mann

    I think it’s time for someone to stick to FACTS! Twenty years ago, our Sheriff’s Office was chiseling their reports out on stone tablets. They now have more deputies and investigators. They were utilizing a computer-driven report system before some of the major cities in the Low Country. They received SC law enforcement accreditation in 2009 and 4 years later, national accreditation in 2013. They have a crack Special Response Team (SWAT) team equipped with state-of-art technology to protect the citizens of Berkeley County. They have an accredited Dive Team. They are a member of the SC Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and are responsible for initiating nearly one hundred cases and over 20 arrests, local, statewide and nationwide, against persons using the Internet to trade child pornography and threaten the well-being of our children. Those who blame DeWitt for the problem with the new jail annex are the same class of people who blame MacDonald’s because they’re overweight! It was just discovered recently that Dan Davis never gave County Council a copy of the original budget request submitted by the Sheriff’s Office, just his doctored up version of what he thought they should see. That was cleared up as soon as it was discovered by the Sheriff’s Office. I’m so sick and tired of hearing all the empty promises and misuse of “statistics” I could puke! For crying out loud, take a look at the facts for yourself and make an educated decision. Oh, and for “Anti Masonic Party” man, I hear Adams is a member of the Bilderberger Group, the Ancient Order of Hibernians, the Illuminati, the Knights Templar, the Order of the Skull and Bones and the Secret Order of Eternal Mice. Sound ridiculous? So do you!

  • Micki from MC

    Thank you Jay for telling the truth.
    I am proud that Sheriff Dewitt is a Mason,a humble man with a Christian morals; a real man who does NOT succumb to “bashing” his opponents; a real man who can stand on his merits to earn his outstanding reputation; a real man who has devoted himself to law enforcement; a real man who feels that it is an honor to work for the public.

    BTW, here’s the definition of a the Masonic Fraternity and a Mason:
    “Masonry is the world’s oldest and largest fraternity. It is comprised of adult men (18+) of good character from every country, religion, race, age, income, education, and opinion, who believe in a Supreme Being. Its body of knowledge and system of ethics is based on the belief that each man has a responsibility to improve himself while being devoted to his family, faith, country, and fraternity.

    Masonry enhances and strengthens the character of the individual man by providing opportunities for fellowship, charity, education, and leadership based on the three ancient Masonic tenets: Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. We strive to “make good men better.”

    Members strengthen the bonds of fellowship as they join together with like-minded men who share ideals of both a moral and metaphysical nature. They enjoy the friendship of other Masons in the community are welcomed as a “brother” by Masons everywhere in the world. This fraternity promises that should one ever be overtaken by misfortune, sickness, or adversity through no fault of your own, the hands of our great fraternity will be stretched forth to aid and assist you.

    From its earliest days, charity has been the most visible Masonic activity. Masons have always been devoted to caring for disadvantaged children, the sick and the elderly. In fact, Masons in North America give away approximately $3 million to national and local charities each day, of which more than 70% is directed toward the general public. Masons are also actively involved in a great deal of community volunteer work.

    Masonic ceremonies provide instruction to all members, supplemented by various other activities such as seminars, lectures, workshops, and reading. Because Masonry is an esoteric society, certain aspects of its work are not generally disclosed to the public. It is described in Masonic craft ritual as “a beautiful system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.”

    Masonry offers its members leadership opportunities at the lodge, District, and Grand Lodge level.Masons discover different aspects of themselves and develop a range of skills that even they might not have known they possessed. By developing leadership techniques that fit their personality, Masons unlock the door to their full potential.”

    Why wouldn’t any real man want to be part of this fraternal organization?

  • Claire

    Wayne DeWitt has done a great job, and he has our vote today!

  • William Morgan

    Hi folks,
    I believe that an objective definition of Masonry can best be understood through analysis of said secret societys’ founders (as opposed to disinformation / propaganda, which said founders admit is disseminated to mislead). I empathize with the 90 percent of the membership that remains mislead.
    For example, Scottish Rights founding father Albert Pike wrote (among other shocking revelations) “the initiate is intentionally mislead by false interpretations, etc…” Please do the math for yourselves folks. There are plenty of repentant Grand Masters whose horrific testimonies serve to open the eyes of us “profane” non members. NOTE: On 9/11/1826 anti mason and patriot William Morgan was kidnapped and killed for opposing masonrys secrets. On 9/11/1830, the US Anti Masonic Convention detailed public corruption of said murder.

    I contend that secret societys have no right to govern as their vows sabotage the trust of those who have blindly elected them. Please study the degrees, the rituals, the promises/vows, and the promised bloody retaliation which members promise each other, then make a more informed decision regarding secret society governors. Be blessed.

  • Berkeley Cnty Mason Victim X10

    understanding of Scottish Freemasonry. As I have stated before, 95% of Freemasons are in the the lower levels. For these individuals, Freemasonry is a harmless Fraternity. The higher levels, however, tell a different story.

    Aberdeen Scotland, the home of the Hollie Greig scandal boasts one of the oldest Masonic Lodges in the world, dating back to 1670. The Masons in Scotland were the descendants of the Knights Templar, which had migrated to Scotland after they were driven underground in Europe by the French Inquisition. It was the Templar Knights that assisted William Wallace when he defeated the English. William Wallace also suffered a horrible death that invoked all of the curses of a traitor to Freemasonry.

    “Master Masons promise not to cheat, defraud, or do violence to a Master Mason. They promise not to commit adultery with the wife of a Master Mason or seduce his sister, daughter, or other female relative. These promises only apply to fellow Master Masons. They do not protect non-Masons, Entered Apprentices, or Fellow Crafts and their families.

    Masons are required to tell lies and even perjure themselves to protect other Masons. They are also required to obey even orders which they know to be immoral:

       “You must conceal all the crimes of your brother Masons, except murder and treason, and these only at your own option, and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him. Prevaricate [falsify], don’t tell the whole truth in his case, keep his secrets, forget the most important points. It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you’re keeping your obligations, and remember if you live up to your obligation strictly, you’ll be free from sin.” (Edmond Ronayne, “Masonic Handbook,” page 183)

        “Right or wrong his very existence as a Mason hangs upon obedience to the powers immediately set above him. The one unpardonable crime in a Mason is contumacy [insubordination] or disobedience.” (Robert Morris, “Webb’s Monitor of Freemasonry,” page 169)” (source)

    Freemasonry is the curse of Scotland that shields scoundrels and Pedophiles from prosecution.

  • William Morgan


    ..just a few more facts for my neighbors and friends in Christ in an effort to FR33 us from Berkeley County corruption / bullying / violation of our constitutional rights which are investigable and enforceable at the Federal level via FBI and DOJ. Courage friends. Stomp on the scorpions and snakes in this county whose organized crime wave is just another repeat of history, but in your front yard now.
    Regards, William Morgan

  • William Morgan


    Just in case that last link I shared has been blocked.. like I said folks, do the math yourselves. Don’t be mislead by the masters of deception.

  • William Morgan

    Berkeley Cty friends/neighbors,
    I have written of Masonry, I pray you to remember, as revealed by Wm. Morgan, also Avery Allyn, Elders Bernard and Stearns, and Mr. Richardson. That these authors truly reveal Masonry I am certain, so far as I have personal knowledge of it. That they truly reveal the higher degrees I have as good reasons for believing, as of any fact to be established by human testimony. You can not justly expect me to doubt the truthfulness of these revelations. You must be aware that God will hold me responsible and demand that I should, in view of the testimony, yield my full assent to the credibility of these authors. You must know that God requires me to treat this subject in accordance with this revelation. Now, gentlemen, no one of your number has attempted to show that these books are not substantially reliable and true. No one of you has appeared to publicly justify Masonry as revealed by these authors. You must be aware that no man can justify it. No respectable author amongst you has attempted to show that Freemasonry has undergone any essential improvement, or modification, since these revelations were made; but on the contrary the most recently published Masonic authorities assert or assume that Masonry has not been changed, and that it is still what it ever has been, and that it is insusceptible of change, as I have proved it to be. Now, my dear sirs, what ought you to expect of me? To hold my peace and let the evil overrun the country until it is too late to speak? Believing, as I most assuredly do, that these works truly reveal Masonry, could I be an honest man, a faithful minister of Christ, and hold my peace in view of the alarming progress that this institution is making in these days. In your hearts you would condemn and despise me if, with my convictions, I suffered any earthly considerations to prevent my sounding the trumpet of alarm to both Church and State. Would you have me stultify my intelligence by refusing to believe these authors; or, believing them, would you have me cower before this enormousIy extended conspiracy? Or would you have me sear my conscience by shunning the cross, and keeping silence in the midst of the periIs of both Church and State? And, gentlemen, can you escape from the conclusions at which I have arrived. Granting these works to be true, and remember I am bound to assume their truthfulness, can any of you face the public and assert that men who have intelligently taken and who adhere to the horrid oaths, with their horrid penalties, as revealed in these books, can safely be trusted with any office in Church or State? Can a man who has taken, and still adheres to the Master’s oath to conceal any secret crime of a brother of that degree, murder and treason excepted, be a safe man with whom to entrust an office? Can he be trusted as a witness, a juror, or with any office connected with the administration of justice? Can a man who has taken and still adheres to the oath of the Royal Arch degree be trusted in office? He swears to espouse the cause of a companion of this degree when involved in any difficulty, so far as to extricate him from the same, whether he be right or wrong. He swears to conceal his crimes, murder and treason not excepted. He swears to give a companion of this degree timely notice of any approaching danger that may be known to him: Now is a man bound fast by such an oath to be entrusted with office? Ought he to be accepted as a witness, a juror–when a Freemason is a party in any case–a sheriff; constable, or marshal; ought he to be trusted with the office of judge or justice of the peace? Gentlemen, you know he ought not, and you would despise me should I not be faithful in warning the public against entrusting such men with office. But further: Take the large class of men who have sworn, under the most awful penalties, to take vengeance on all who violate Masonic obligations; to seek their condign punishment; to kill them; to persecute them, and to ruin them by representing them wherever they go as worthless vagabonds. Now, gentlemen, I appeal to you, is a man who is under a most solemn oath to kill or seek the death of any man who shall violate any part of the Masonic oaths a fit person to be at large amongst men? Why, who does not know that Freemasons are in the habit of violating various points and parts of their Masonic oaths, and are not Freemason bound by oaths to kill them, or seek their death? There are many seceding Masons throughout the land. Adhering Masons are under oath to seek to procure their death. Now if they adhere to their oaths and thereby affirm that they design to fulfill their vows, if an opportunity occurs, ought they not to be imprisoned or put under the heaviest bonds to keep the peace? No one can face the public and deny this, admitting as he must that their oaths are truly recorded in these books. No one can think this conclusion harsh unless he assumes contrary to all evidence, either that no such oaths have been taken, or if they have, and are still adhered to there is no danger that these vows will be fulfilled. Take these books and say wherein have I dealt harshly or uncharitably with Freemasonry as herein revealed? Ought a Freemason of this stamp to be fellowshiped by a Christian Church? Ought not such an one to be regarded as an unscrupulous and dangerous man? I appeal to your conscience in the sight ofGod, and I know that your moral sense must respond amen to the conclusions at which I have arrived. Be not offended with my telling you the truth in love. We must all soon meet at the solemn judgment. Let us not be angry, but honest.

    Respectfully and sincerely submitted, by an aerospace job creating transplant and now modern day Wm. Morgan who should have been electrocuted, or died in the arson of his paid for home in Berkeley County SC….who has finally and fearlessly resolved to fight back against a gang of thieves and thugs who have beaten me down, stole my savings, and trashed my property and reputation with Berkeley County Govt support (either thru negligence or complicity in defense of their fraternity brethren), I remain transparent, with video, extortion attempts, ignored pleas for protection, documented lies, 200K in property damage/loss, and more importantly, the 1 true God’s calling of me to expose this corruption and prevent a generation of innocent kids from being victimized by this elitist secret society who prey on misplaced trust, honor, and truth….for their personal power and financial gain.