T-Rex Directing Traffic Attracts Stares, Lots of Laughs

VIA Devon Forest Elementary School

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C.–Some drivers were left doing double takes after an unusual sighting of “prehistoric” proportions Tuesday morning.

As parents dropped off their kids at Devon Forest Elementary on Halloween, they were met by a T-Rex perfectly directing traffic like a pro.

Fortunately, this dinosaur was friendly, and students, parents and faculty couldn’t help but chuckle at the sighting.

“This actually made me laugh out loud this morning,” stated Jessica Pietruski.

“That’s hilarious!” posted Michele Marting on social media.

The funny T-Rex sighting was made possible by Detective Matt Woodall of the Berkley County Sheriff’s Office.

According to school officials, having Detective Woodall dress up Tuesday morning was not only impressive but a memory they won’t soon forget.

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Nikki Gaskins Campbell

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