Japan Karate Institute Moves to New Cane Bay Location


BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C.–Japan Karate Institute is pleased to announce its new location in the Market at Cane Bay.  Japan Karate Institute offers nationally recognized martial arts programs, including Little Ninjas for ages 3-5, Kihon Wado for ages 6-8, Wado Ryu for ages 9 and up, and our After School Karate Program.

The institute’s Little Ninjas program is designed to work on motor skills, focus, and discipline in a classroom environment.  Kihon Wado is an introduction to our style of Wado Ryu karate broken down into smaller easy to learn coponents.  Wado Ryu is a blend of Japanese Jujitsu and Okinawan karate created in Japan by Sensei Hinori Ohtsuka in 1929.  Wado Ryu is a traditional Japanese style that translates to “the Way of Peace.”

Its After School Program is a specialty program offering a creative alternative to a daycare.  The business focuses on having fun in a structured environment while learning essential life skills.

Japan Karate Institute/Nippon Kokusai Karate-do was founded in 1985 in Goose Creek, SC by Shihan Dale Coker.  Japan Karate Institute has taught thousands of students and hundreds of black belts over its 32-year history.

When asked about the newest location Shihan Dale Coker replied, ” I started training karate in 1971, after 8 years of training and teaching in Alabama I eventually opened Japan Karate Institute on Farm Road in Goose Creek.  The benefits of karate training brought to me and the thousands of students I have taught has continued now for over 32 years.  Having a new location only 10 miles from my original dojo(school) with the same mission and philosophy of helping others via JKI karate training gives me great satisfaction.  Cane Bay Japan Karate Institute will be an asset and will deliver a good effect upon the Cane Bay community.”

For more information call 843.900.6886.

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