Goose Creek Councilman to Challenge Longtime Mayor at the Polls

Pictured: Greg Habib

GOOSE CREEK, S.C.–Goose Creek councilman Greg Habib formally announced his candidacy for mayor on Friday.

He is challenging the city’s longtime mayor, Michael Heizler.

“I am running for Mayor of Goose Creek to fill the void in leadership. I am running for mayor so that we may choose our own future.  I am running for mayor to ensure the financial health of our community. I am running for mayor to stem the tide of tax increases on our citizens,” stated Habib on his website.

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Habib was first elected to Goose Creek city council in April 2016.

According to Habib, as the city grows, it must find a balance between taxes, spending and economic development.

Heitzler had run unopposed since 1998.

Habib will run against longtime Goose Creek mayor, Michael Heitzler

In 2014, former city councilman Jerry Tekac unsuccessfully ran against him.

After a brief move to Myrtle Beach, Tekac is once again vying for a seat on city council. He was recently endorsed by Habib.

Heitzler has served as the city’s mayor for about 40 years.

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People who wish to vote in the upcoming election must be registered by March 3, 2018.

City of Goose Creek voters will officially cast their ballots at the polls on April 3, 2018.