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Murder suspect in Heather Elvis case is from Berkeley County

Sidney Moorer Courtesy: HCSO
Sidney Moorer
Courtesy: HCSO

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C.—The Heather Elvis case has taken the national media by storm.  The young woman’s father, Terry Elvis, has made several appearances on Nancy Grace as well as countless pleas to the local media for his daughter’s safe return home.

However, two months after Elvis’ disappearance, Sidney and Tammy Moorer were charged with the young woman’s murder and kidnapping.  To this day her body has yet to be found.

According to an unnamed source, Sidney is originally from Berkeley County with family still residing in the area.  This person, who wishes to remain anonymous, says Sidney previously attended Lord Berkeley Academy, now St. Johns Christian Academy, in Moncks Corner.

Sidney appears to have also created an account on at some point listing his graduation date from the private school as 1995.

The 38-year-old also has an account on, a site that boasts being the Internet’s largest audition, job and casting call resource for actors, models, musicians, dancers, and production crews. On the site, he listed his location as Charleston.

The unnamed source says after graduating high school Sidney later moved to Myrtle Beach for work where he at some point met his wife Tammy in a strip club.  He reportedly hasn’t spoken to his parents who still live in Berkeley County for a number of years because they don’t “approve of his life style”.  The source describes Sidney’s parents as “good people.”

Heather Elvis Courtesy: CUE Center for Missing Persons
Heather Elvis
Courtesy: CUE Center for Missing Persons

According to Horry County investigators, the missing 20-year-old was last seen during the early mornings of Dec. 18, 2013, when she returned home from a date. She reportedly called a female friend about an hour later to tell her how the date went and that was the last time anyone spoke with the young woman.

In a police report, Brianna Warrelmann, Heather Elvis’ roommate, told police Elvis seemed like she was “crying and upset” after Elvis received a call from Sidney Moorer during the early morning of Dec. 18th.

On December 19th, police found Elvis’ dark green 2001 Dodge Intrepid parked at Peachtree boat landing in the Socastee area but no signs of the missing woman.

As for a motive in the case or what evidence police have to tied Sidney and Moorer to the case, that still remains the big mystery.

Horry County Police Chief Saundra Rhodes has stated previously that police found evidence inside the Moorers’ home and on their property during a recent search that gave them probable cause for the murder charge.

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  • Mary White

    I wish those with any information on where Heather could be, would please come forward. If she was harmed, murdered or hidden, and anyone has any tip on where the accused would have hidden her, please come forward. Don’t think that your “hunch” might not be important. Treat every thought as an important one.

  • ruthie hoover

    I think it was wrong for y’all to post this.His family had nothing to do with this.People are mean! These people will be put in the spot light with their son.Shame on you.

    • Thank you for your comment. Due to the fact that this is a high profile case and the suspect has local ties here, it was deemed a newsworthy story. You are correct. His family had nothing to do with this crime. Therefore, out of respect to his family, we did not mention their names nor their exact location.

    • joseph rawlins

      it told us that his family were good people. it’s good to know that they didn’t want to associate with him because of his lifestyle. it makes sense. unfortunately they are already in the spotlight because of sidney and tammy.