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Berkeley County Residents Embrace the Snow

Pictured: Tom Campbell makes a snow angel in the Woodland Lakes subdivision in Goose Creek.

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C.–It’s not every day that it snows in Berkeley County, but shortly after 12 p.m. on Wednesday plenty of the “white stuff” began to blanket the ground, roads, homes and more throughout the Lowcountry.

Of course, this isn’t the first time it has snowed in Berkeley County. On January, 23rd, 2016 residents witnessed snowfall, too. However,  it quickly melted away just as fast it got here.

[PRIOR STORY: Snowflakes “Invade” Berkeley County (Sort Of)]

This time, though, the snow appears to be sticking around a little longer resulting in a Winter Storm Warning that remains in effect until 12 a.m. Thursday.

According to the National Weather Service, radar and satellite data indicates that snowfall rates will increase to 1-2 inches per hour across the coastal counties of South Carolina over the next hour. Roads and bridges may see around two inches of snow accumulations in the next hour.

Strengthening low pressure will move up the coast through Wednesday night. Additional snow amounts of 2 to 4 inches are possible, especially across southern SC. Locally higher totals are likely. Extremely dangerous travel conditions will persist through tonight and isolated power outages also expected, reports the NWS.

Wednesday’s snowfall led to local municipalities shutting down for the day.

Thursday’s weather is looking a little better–minus the snowfall. The forecast tomorrow calls for sunny weather with a high near 41 degrees. Lows are expected to be around 19 degrees, except near lake Moultrie where the temp is expected to be in the mid-20s.

While the snowfall is expected to last only a few more hours, residents are taking in the moment by snapping photos, taking video and unleashing their inner kid by playing in it. Check out some of the photos shared with us below.

1. During the rare occasion that it snows in Berkeley County, one must immediately make a snow angel.

Taken by the Naval Weapons Station Goose Creek (Via Nicole Lewis Hansen)

Pictured: Tom Campbell. Taken in the Woodland Lakes Subdivision.

2. Becoming one with the snow. This is how you make a snow angel if you’re brave…face toward the cold ground.

Taken in Goose Creek, SC (Via Cathy McGaw)

3. Snow?! What snow?!

Taken in the Woodland Lakes Subdivision in Goose Creek, SC (Via Mike Badaracco)

4. Enjoying the snow while it lasts.

Taken in Macedonia, SC (Via Dana Carter Guerry)
Poss Hunters Bend Subdivision, Ladson (Via Carolyn Estes)
Taken in Summerville, SC (Via Rachel Ray Idol)
Taken in Bonneau Beach. (Via Sabrina Mixon)
Taken in Moncks Corner, SC (Via Helen Hart Bone)

5. Some would rather enjoy it from a distance. We don’t blame them.

Moncks Corner near the airport (Via Ashley Betts)

6. Then and now…

Moncks Corner, SC (Via Nikki Schurlknight)

7. Building a snowman…or at least part of one. Note: His two eyes are NOT made out of coal.

Via Jimmy Boston, a resident of Wassamassaw Plantation.

8. How cute! A baby snowman! He doesn’t look too happy, though.

Macedonia, SC (Via Tiffany Gaskins Sumpter)

9. This is the rare time you don’t need to be in Alaska or up north to enjoy a little snow sledding.

Sledding with neighbors here in Oakley Pointe in Moncks Corner (Via Skylar Steele)

10. Some pets appear excited by the snowfall while others aren’t sure what to make of the “Snowpocolypse.”

Via Destiny Nicole Rhodes (Moncks Corner)
Spring Grove Plantation, near Old Hwy 52 and Cypress Gardens Road (Via Dawn Summer Graham)
Via Lyssa Tierney of Bonneau

11. Riding four wheelers in the snow is just way more fun.

Devon Forest in Goose Creek, SC (Via Ken Knight)
Via Tom Campbell (Goose Creek, SC)

12. Is it time to go ice skating yet?

Crowfield in Goose Creek. The top layer of the pond is almost iced over now. (Via Donna Eadie
Berkley commons Neighborhood. (Via Daniel Henthorne)
Medway Landing Pond in Goose Creek (Via Kristina Contreras)

13. Not a good time to go jumping on one of these.

Felder Creek in Summerville. (Via Stephanie Jarrett)

14. Or swimming in one of these.

Taken in Macedonia, SC (Via Tiffany Gaskins Sumpter)

15. The snow is definitely a good excuse to stay off the roads.

Taken in Moncks Corner in Saint John’s (Via Helen Hart Bone)

16. However, it still will never keep some folks off the Tailrace Canal Bridge.

Tailrace Canal Bridge in Moncks Corner, SC (Via Tonya Lail Mills)

17. It’s a ghost town on other roads.

Hwy 52 Bypass in Moncks Corner (Via Edward W Drew)
Highway 52 (by City Hall) in the heart of Goose Creek, SC

18. Never forget! #Snowpocolypse

Moncks Corner near 17 off Old Cherry Hill. (Via Janea Garibay Phillips)
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